In-house Pupils' Counsellor

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Posted on: February 26th 2021

Salma MousaviIn order to provide full pastoral support for our pupils we are delighted to have appointed an in-school counsellor, who joined Feltonfleet following the half term break.  

Salma Mousavi brings with her a wealth of experience in counselling children, with particular expertise in anxiety management, childhood stress and bereavement.   

Elizabeth Cherry, Deputy Head Pastoral, commented, “The last twelve months have had a big impact on children’s mental health. Our pupils will be dealing with a wide range of emotions and feelings about what they have each experienced, as well as handling anxiety and uncertainty as they navigate the ongoing changes in their lives. The introduction of this on-site provision, available to all our pupils regardless of age or circumstance, adds an additional tool to our already strong pastoral framework. We continue to stand firm to our commitment to make sure that Feltonfleet is a happy, safe and caring environment for our pupils."

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