Black History Month

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Posted on: October 11th 2021

IMG 2811 nThese past two weeks we have been celebrating Black History Month, a wonderful opportunity to be part of national celebrations and events honouring the too-often unheralded accomplishments of Black Britons in various areas of endeavour during our history.

In assemblies and lessons across all four stages of the school we have been exploring and digging deeper so that we can learn more about racial and cultural diversity in British society. The Black History Month slogan this year is ‘Proud to Be…’, a message designed to actively encourage all children to be proud of their heritage and roots. This aligns with Feltonfleet’s core beliefs: we continually remind our children across the school, through the curriculum and in our relationships, that every individual really does matter; that every person within and beyond our community has a right to dignity, respect and opportunity.

Read our 8th October Newsletter to find out more.

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