Our Vision and Aims

Feltonfleet is a community where individuals really matter - a core belief which shapes all we say and do.

Our vision:

Feltonfleet aims for a comprehensive curriculum that prioritises holistic development, academic excellence, and the cultivation of adaptable skills for future readiness. We strive to foster a happy, inclusive, and tight-knit community that embraces diversity, fosters mutual respect, and nurtures a strong sense of belonging.


Our keys aims are: 

  • To provide an outstanding all round education at each stage of the 3-13 learning journey so children discover who they are, and their own strengths and passions.
  • To provide an exceptional pastoral care framework to ensure every child has dignity, purpose and opportunity.
  • To ensure that every child is nurtured, supported and challenged, relative to their ability, to make excellent personal and academic progress, and transfer to a well-suited senior school.
  • To enable children to reach Destination 13 as happy, independent, confident, resilient, empathetic, tolerant and emotionally intelligent young people, equipped to make a lasting contribution in their subsequent lives.
  • To create a culture that supports equity and inclusion and celebrates diversity in everything we do.


Pastoral Care Framework (2)