Bursarial Support

A means–tested bursary gives financial assistance to pupils who might not otherwise be able to benefit from an education at Feltonfleet.

Eligible parents and guardians could benefit from a fee discount of up to 100% of the fees, depending on the individual circumstances of each applicant.

The amount of the bursary award is not decided by the child’s level of academic ability but by the extent of financial need. A child’s potential to benefit from what Feltonfleet offers is also an important consideration in granting support. Any bursary awarded will be means-tested each year, and in addition the pupil’s progress will be reviewed annually.

Who is eligible?

Parents of any prospective candidate, as well as those of existing pupils, may apply for a bursary.

These may be available to parents/guardians of children entering any year group.

The school’s bursary committee would need to know full income and details of any capital resources, including the family home. All the information provided is treated in the strictest confidence. The committee assesses the merits of each individual application and may offer financial support as appropriate, and within the amounts set aside by the school for bursarial provision. 

Additional funding may be available to those who have been awarded substantial bursaries to help with co-curricular activities and trips.

The school retains full discretion to decide who does or does not satisfy the criteria for a bursary, taking into account all relevant information.

How to apply

Bursaries will be awarded at the discretion of the Governors and the Headmistress; the Bursar is responsible for the management and coordination of the process. 

To request further details please contact the Bursar by email: