Middle School

Destination step3 800pxTaking Pride in Knowledge

Years 5-6 | Ages 9-11

Personal Organisation | Self-discipline | Motivation | Independent Learning | Mindfulness

Year 5 brings new experiences with specialist teaching for all subjects.  Time with Form Tutors is an element of the nurturing framework that supports pupils as they build on their personal organisation, self-discipline and motivation.

We nurture individual aptitudes, fostering a thirst for learning whilst developing the skills pupils need across the curriculum. Those who need additional help with Maths and English have tailored support. Games take place three times a week - a strong fixtures programme fosters team spirt, physical fitness and collaboration.

Children become familiar with the routines of Middle School by Year 6.  Their preparation for external pre-tests is supported by a robust pastoral framework. Our many enrichment opportunities unlock potential and include activities and trips in sports, art, drama and music. As Year 6 closes, pupils are ready to take on the challenges and leadership responsibilities of the Upper School. 

"We chose Feltonfleet because of its end product: the children are polite and look you in the eye”.