Bus Service

Feltonfleet Bus GuideFeltonfleet's smart, dedicated minibuses are driven by experienced, caring drivers. 

We currently run five* routes to and from school.

The comprehensive service provides families with the option to take evening buses either at the end of the school day, or after Prep or Club sessions.

Why not make your school runs a little easier? 



Wimbledon War Memorial
Coombe Lane – layby next to the A3 junction, SW20 0RJ
Southfields (& Putney) Route
Viewfield Road – junction with Melrose Road, SW18 1NA
Rusholme Road – by the junction with Dromore Road, SW15 3JZ

Genoa Avenue  - by roundabout with Chartfield Avenue, SW15 6DX

Howards Lane – by junction with Gwendolen Avenue, SW15 6EU
Putney Route
Charlwood Road – just past Chelverton Road, SW15 1PE
Genoa Avenue - by roundabout with Chartfield Avenue, SW15 6EU
Esher Route
Café Rouge, Portsmouth Road, KT10 9AD
Portsmouth Rd – bus layby near Claremont Avenue, KT10 9HX
Portsmouth Rd – bus layby near Claremont Avenue, KT10 9HX
Co-op shop, Hampton Court Way, KT17 0JW


Places are booked on a termly basis and charged, in arrears, as an extra item on the school fee invoice.

Bus fares: Wimbledon/Putney/Southfields  £4.50 each way/day      Esher £2.50 each way/day

* Routes are flexible and we consider pupil demographics to help decide where new routes may be more beneficial.

If you require further information about routes or buses please contact

Mrs Hurst-Frost, Operations Assistant, on 01932 862264, ext. 246

or email

Benefits for Families

  • Save the time, stress and inconvenience of a daily school run.
  • Your child will feel more independent and create new friendship groups.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint through lower emissions.
  • Save on fuel and vehicle wear and tear.

Benefits for the Environment

  • Traffic congestion is a major contributor to air pollution, emitting higher levels of harmful emissions than free-flowing traffic.
  • A large proportion of early morning traffic congestion is caused by the school run.
  • If we can reduce the number of cars being used for the school run, we will be making a difference.


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