Remote Teaching and Learning

Seesaw EnglishFeltonfleet School recognises the importance of consistent and uninterrupted provision of education and the role modern technologies can play in the event of any incident resulting in school closure.

In light of recent worldwide events relating to coronavirus, though with a wider strategic view towards any circumstances which may lead to a temporary cessation of our normal provision i.e. ‘snow days’, electrical / heating failure, Feltonfleet has implemented a comprehensive plan for remote learning arrangements.

We recognise that every home scenario is unique, however, the structure provided within the plan seeks to ensure that consistency of provision is achieved as much as possible, with pupils feeling connected and engaged with their learning.

Mr Kumar RemoteWe have listened  to Staff, Pupil and Parental feedback and developed a Remote Teaching and Learning model that supports the understanding and application of new concepts,  incorporating increased interaction and communication.

Personalised Remote Learning Timetables ensure that pupils are not subject to extended periods of screen dependency and that they have a broad and balanced experience. Aside from paper-based tasks, the timetable also schedules mindfulness time, reading, discovery learning and appropriate physical activity in line with the PE curriculum.

The model incorporates  four features:

  • Clearly structured lessons available the day before they are timetabled, designed to continue the normal curriculum.
  • Concept focused video explanations.
  • Online video meetings with teaching staff to facilitate clarification and discussion.
  • Use of online digital portfolios to support assessment and feedback of remote learning outcomes.

The Welcomecombination of recorded lesson content, online resources and live video meetings with teachers is preferable to ‘live’ lessons for pupils of Prep School age. Using this approach, pupils can watch and re-watch the new teaching input, access the series of lessons and resources across the term retrospectively, and engage directly with their teachers via video link to question, clarify and share any issues. Our Learning Enrichment team continues to support individual pupils in their care, maintaining close dialogue with parents.

Read our Newsletters to see examples of our Remote Teaching and Learning in action.

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Pupil Wellbeing

Whilst in the remote phase, we keep 'Where Individuals Really Matter' at the heart of our priorities. Our pastoral and welfare team closely monitor engagement with Remote Teaching and Learning in order to identify and engage with pupils who may need additional support.  Additionally, we provide time for pupils to meet in their form groups via video chat.

Summer Term 2020 presented many challenges and new opportunities. We were optimistic that the children would be learning new skills and were determined that it would be a term well spent, no matter how long or little was in or out of school. Our pupils demonstrated true learning resilience, independence, problem solving skills and creativity. Their progress was clear and, more importantly, we all remained connected as a learning community. It was an inspiration to witness pupils and their families reaching out to one another and creating support networks in these testing times.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 4th January 2021, we entered a second period of Remote Teaching and Learning confident in the knowledge that our systems and procedures offer our pupils the very best possible alternative to classroom-based teaching.

Parent Feedback

“It really does feel that Feltonfleet has pulled out all the stops and responded brilliantly to a situation none of us would have ever thought possible in our lifetime. The experience of friends with children at other schools has not been as favourable as ours.” 

 “The effort you and your team have put in to implement and run the home schooling is incredible. It is clear that the programme is being continuously reviewed and tweaked and the ongoing improvements are noticeable.”

“You have all delivered above and beyond in terms of the fabulous engaging lessons.”

“The remote learning model put in place at Feltonfleet is perfectly balanced, and highly educationally productive.”

“The quality of the remote learning, the pastoral support, the ‘extra mile’ that you and your staff have provided during this difficult time has simply been outstanding.” 

“Through my role as a teacher and private tutor, I’ve been able to observe and hear about the provision of a number of schools at this time. Throughout this lock down period, Feltonfleet has consistently stood head and shoulders above so many other schools.” 

“The way in which Feltonfleet has managed this situation is a great example of how remote learning should be conducted. The school has found the right balance of school work, interaction with classmates, exercise, and making the children feel involved in school life.”


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feltonfleet - November 9
👏Congratulations to our U13 Girls who won yesterday’s qualifying tournament for the National Hockey Finals without losing a single match! We are super proud and wish them all the best of luck for the finals next Friday.🏑🏆

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feltonfleet - September 6
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feltonfleet - September 5
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