Lower School

Destination step2 800pxWorking Together

Years 3-4 | Ages 7-9

Kindness | Independence | Resilience | Organisation | Positive Living

The second stepping-stone of the Destination 13 journey takes pupils to the main campus and into the Lower School. 

A focus on developing independence and a positive attitude towards living, learning and leading helps the pupils to explore new experiences and strive to be the best versions of themselves. Pupils are taught in forms for most academic subjects, with sets for Maths and English. Geography, History, Science and Technology are taught through a thematic approach following the International Primary Curriculum and pupils move to dedicated areas of the school for specalist teaching in French, Digital Learning, Design Technology, Music, Drama, Art and PE.

All those in Lower School complete this phase of their journey, secure  in their sense of belonging, with an exciting vision of the path ahead.

‘‘My daughter’s excitement about coming to school each morning says it all”.