Upper School

Destination step4 800pxA More Mature Approach

Years 7-8 | Ages 11-13

Leadership | Responsibility | Decision-making | Adventure | Socialisation

The final stepping-stone marks the conclusion of the Feltonfleet experience, which for many pupils culminates in applications for scholarships at their senior schools.  



34640 feltonfleet core skills 1In the Upper School pupils follow a broad and rich curriculum which thoroughly prepares them for success in their senior schools and beyond.

Academic rigour lies at the heart of all this, along with a focus on the development of the core skills of thinking and learning, reviewing and improving and communicating. Independence, collaboration and leadership are emphasised throughout, and pupils flourish in assuming wider responsibilities within the Feltonfleet community, from taking meaningful leadership roles to representing the school at the highest level in sporting, creative and academic spheres. 

A strong academic tutorial system exists to guide pupils through their learning, where progress is reviewed and next steps are established. Pupils become adept at reflecting on their progress and they each maintain an online blog.

Our Pupil iPad Programme emphasises personalised learning, heightened organisation, creative productivity, extended collaborative possibilities and effective communication. Pupils learn to differentiate digital tools which creatively demonstrate their knowledge and understanding, and to exploit those which support their individualised learning pathways here at Feltonfleet. Our values of Responsibility and Respect sit at the heart of our Upper School iPad Programme, elements we believe are vital in any authentic programme of digital citizenship.

The Enrichment provision, including lectures and annual symposiums with partner schools, offers exciting opportunities for academic and personal development. Individuals can challenge themselves and develop resilience through pursuing a wide variety of interests.

As their Destination 13 journey concludes, pupils cultivate a mature approach to learning, confident in making independent decisions. Above all they feel a sense of security and belonging that proves indispensable throughout their lives. They have become the best version of themselves.


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