Exciting, tasty and healthy food - a vital ingredient for a successful school

Healthy eating is at the very heart of our approach to catering at Feltonfleet. We wholeheartedly encourage the move towards a healthier lifestyle and work hard to establish balanced eating patterns. 

Holroyd Howe independent caterers provide all the meals at Feltonfleet.  The menu is fresh, contemporary, nutritionally balanced and locally sourced.

The buffet style allows pupils to choose a hot main meal with a vegetarian option, as well as home-made soup, a range of salads, baked potatoes, fruit, yoghurts and other puddings. The boarding pupils  are given a kick-start to the day with a cooked English breakfast, a choice of cereals, toast and croissants. 

Pupils' independence is encouraged as they select their own food, with plenty of on-hand assistance to ensure a balanced meal is chosen.  We make special provision for those pupils who have specific dietary requirements.   

Innovation is the key to maintaining interest in the food we serve and we offer an ever-changing selection of traditional, international and ethnic dishes, so that children can benefit from a balanced diet that is fun and varied. We operate a 3-week rotational menu to keep things fresh and interesting. Themed meals are frequently offered as alternative options, to coincide with events such as Chinese New Year, St Patrick's Day and our termly culture weeks.