Year 5 Production - Rhyming Wind in the Willows

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Posted on: November 20th 2020

Our Year 5 Production was a little different this year.

Without the use of costumes or props the pupils’ acting skills were pushed to the extreme. Not only did they memorise pages and pages of rhyming script, but also acted out the scenery, props and sound effects in a rhyming adaptation of Wind in the Willows.

Unable to perform in front of a live parent audience, each Form performed their play to a Feltonfleet audience which was then recorded so that parents were able to share in the adventures of Rat, Mole, Badger and Toad from home.   

As the children transformed into trees, cars, doors, tables and every other item of set, the audiences were transported to the Wild Wood, the River Bank and Toad Hall through the use of mime and vivid storytelling.   

Congratulations to all of Year 5 who each performed with energy, commitment and humour in a brilliant team effort and a special thank you to Director of Drama, Mr Swann for ensuring that the show was able to go on!

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