Stress and Anxiety in Childhood: A seminar for parents and pupils

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Posted on: May 14th 2018

We were delighted to welcome MD and Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Phil Hopley to Feltonfleet last week as the latest in our series of guest speakers who have been sharing their expertise with our school community.

At Feltonfleet we aim to promote mental well-being by creating an environment conducive to good mental health for every member of our school community.  As part of our Mental Health Awareness Programme Dr Hopley talked, first to our parents, and then to our pupils in Year 7 and 8, about the subject of stress and anxiety in childhood.  In fact, much of the advice was as appropriate for adults as it was for children, especially when Dr Hopley revealed that the number one stressor for children was stressed parents!  Mrs Atkins has children in Years 8, 7 and 4, she said, “I came away with lots of tips that, as an adult, I hope to use as well as the children and reduce “morning mania” in the Atkins’ household!”  The importance of sleep was highlighted as well as the need to allow ourselves time to rest and recover. The Head Boy, Caius, commented, “We were taught that ‘Blue Light’ kills your sleep cells. Blue Light is the light that comes off your screens like a mobile, tablet or computer. So, you shouldn’t go on a device 90 minutes before you go to bed”.  

Two things he said in his conclusion struck the parent audience in particular: the importance of being available to our children and the importance of modelling for them what we hope to see in them, accompanied with a healthy dose of fun and laughter along the way.

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