Year 7 perform 'The Jungle Book'

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Posted on: March 21st 2019

Jungle Book

When Year 7 look back at their time at Feltonfleet in July 2020, this production of The Jungle Book will surely rank very highly in their lengthy 'highlights reel'.

Mr Swann continues to raise the bar with each production he puts on, whilst the beautifully crafted and colourful animal masks, inspired by Mr Coetzee's efforts with the pupils in the Art Studio, helped this powerful and complex production come to life in The Ashbee Theatre.

The ambition and efforts shown by all the children were showcased quite superbly on two captivating nights and, as a year group, they should all feel extremely proud of themselves. The lines were delivered with gusto and precision and the intricate movement of the animals and their 'shadows' truly enhanced the dramatic atmosphere. Well done Year 7!

"I loved how unique the play was in the way we used the masks, the stage and all the different types of language. I was so happy with how it went and thought that seeing as everyone had so many lines, we just had to knuckle down and learn them...and we did!" Dan O 

"It was amazing how we mixed two subjects together by creating our masks in Art and then rehearsing everything in Drama. I think some people struggled at first with the language as some of the words were quite tricky to pronounce, but in the end we all worked together and were so proud of the end result." Ruby L

More photos from the production can be seen on our Gallery Page. 

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