Year 8 explore River Cliffs, Ox Bow Lakes and Meanders

On the second day of this term, 51 Year 8 pupils ventured to Juniper Hall in Dorking to collect data for their Common Entrance Geography projects. Their findings will account for 20% of the final grade, so it was an important trip! 
The aim of the field trip was to take measurements of the river Tillingbourne at various points, focusing on river width, depth, wetted perimeter, velocity and gradient. The pupils then compared all the results. 
The first site visited was Crossways Farm which was towards the upper course of the river. Pupils took it in turns to take measurements (whilst avoiding two friendly horses), record readings and locate and spot a variety of river features such as ox bow lakes, meanders and river cliffs.
The next site the pupils visited was Abinger Hammer, located in the middle course of the river. All the pupils repeated the same experiments and then had lunch overlooking the local cricket club. The last site was Gomshall. Pupils were running out of time but managed to swiftly record all the necessary information before we hastily got on the coach and returned to school.
Well done to all the Year 8 pupils for their exemplary behaviour. Thank you also to Mrs Robinson, Mrs Mckibbin, Mrs Woodward and Mr West for supporting the trip especially so early in the new academic year.