Year 3 VE Day Celebrations

Year 3 have been learning about World War 2 this term, and to put their learning into context the pupils have taken part in two events to help their understanding of what it would have been like to be evacuated during wartime.

On Friday 26th May, the children had a visit from the Hobgoblin Theatre Company. The pupils were presented with a wartime play based around a family affected by war and then they took part in an enjoyable workshop, imagining they were wartime children.

On Tuesday 6th June, 53 evacuees arrived at the school doors! All the children looked wonderfully dressed as evacuees as they were transported back to 1939.  We were very lucky to have a delightful talk by our very own Stan and Doreen who told them all about life as an evacuee, sent away to the countryside.

Year 3 then fast forwarded to 1945 and gathered for a VE Day ‘tea party’ and ate delicious scones with cream and strawberry jam! The children completed the day with a variety of activities, including code-breaking challenges and re-enacting an evacuation experience through role-play and drama.