Year 3 Geography Trip to Painshill Park

Last Thursday, Year 3 enjoyed a Geography Trip to Painshill Park. The weather was kind to us which helped the pupils in their outdoor learning. This is what they had to say:

Oliver B, 3KM, said: “At Painshill Park we learnt about rivers, streams, rainfall and lakes. We played a game about rain and rivers (I won both times). After that we decided to pick up some sticks, water flowers, leaves, wood and digging tools to make our own river. I made a boat out of leaves that sank on its first voyage! After that we learnt about twists and turns in a river, which is called meandering. My favourite part was the game. After that we went back to School on the minibus.”

Freddy S, 3HM, said “At Painshill Park we made little boats out of leaves and twigs. We made our own rivers by digging holes with sticks and then pouring water down the channels. My favourite part was making the rivers.”