TV fame for our Head Boy

We are extremely proud of our Head Boy Caius Luckyn-Malone who is currently appearing in Channel 4’s new comedy series “Back”.

The comedy features Robert Webb and David Mitchell and Caius appears in flashbacks as the younger version of Robert Webb.

Proud mum, Mrs Lisa Luckyn-Malone (Feltonfleet English teacher) said, “Although there are only snippets of him in flashbacks, this has been a fantastic learning opportunity and understanding of film etiquette.  We hope there will be further opportunities for him.”

Caius has been a member of a local drama group for the last year as well as taking part in Feltonfleet’s annual Year group productions, but this is the first time Caius has landed a part in a TV show.

Caius said, “This has probably been the best experience of my life! Watching myself on TV was quite unbelievable. I’m hoping they’ll be making another series – I can’t wait to do it all again!”

We wish him the best of luck and look forward to following his future acting career.