New School Caterers receive Big Thumbs Up!

Holroyd Howe and their catering team, with some new and familiar faces, have hit the ground running and have received a big thumbs up from the pupils and staff. Some slight changes to the layout of the dining room, along with upgraded serveries, have improved efficiency of service, but we will continue to closely monitor the process and make adjustments as required.

We asked the children what they thought so far:

“I like the different options each day and they look lovely.”

“The food is so nice and there is such a range of choices so you can pick foods that you like. And the deserts are good too, especially the jelly!.”

“Beautiful lay-out of beautiful food. Please keep it this way, its amazing!”

“The food is sooooooooo good!”

“Lovely selection of fresh bread.”

“The cookies are heaven - like a cross between brownies and choc chip cookies with melted chocolate in them.”

“I think the food is more nutritious.”

“I like that the glass tells you what the food is underneath - that’s really helpful.”