Getting Creative

As part of South Africa week, pupils across the school have enjoyed drawing pictures and creative writing based on The Rainbow Nation. Year 3 pupils learnt about South African fables in English, and wrote some of their own. Titles such as ‘How the Pony got its Trot’, ‘How the Sabre-Tooth Tiger got its Name’ and ‘How the Snail got its House’ were amongst our favourites, with each story containing the vital element of a moral.

Meanwhile in Year 6, the pupils have been exploring descriptive writing based on a picture of “The Cape Winelands.” Here is what Thomas S describes: 

“Acres and acres of lush green pasture give way to the majestic mountains, which are venturing bravely up to pierce the bright blue sky.

The mountains are giants peering down upon the grassy slopes covered with a beautiful settlement of grapevines.

The ground is painted with different crops, like a rainbow, all a slightly different shade.

This natural area was one of few to not have been conquered by cities. Floating above the land is a large expanse of blue cloudless sky, free from the evil hands of pollution.”