Senior School Destinations

Year 8 CE results

Pupils move on from Feltonfleet to a wide variety of senior schools, including all the local co-educational and single sex, day and boarding independent schools, as well as the major independent schools further afield. The Headmaster, in consultation with staff, works closely with parents to ensure that the best choice of senior school is made to suit each individual child.
The majority of our pupils leave us at the end of Year 8 via Common Entrance examinations. Feltonfleet has an excellent record in external exams, and routinely gains entry for every pupil to their first choice of senior school. Well-balanced, self-confident and ready for the challenges to come, our leavers are highly thought of in senior school circles.
Several Year 8 pupils each year sit academic scholarships to their chosen senior schools, and these children will receive all the preparation necessary to tackle these particularly demanding academic papers.
In addition Feltonfleet pupils have proved themselves highly effective at garnering non-academic scholarships in recent years with nearly one in three of our children winning an award from their senior schools in recognition of their particular talents, whether in Music, Drama, Art, Dance, Design Technology or Sport, or a combination of several of these.

Destination Schools 2012-17

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