Pastoral Care

A Caring Environment

Feltonfleet is a happy, safe and caring environment where a very high priority is given to pastoral care, and close relationships and bonds are developed between the children and staff throughout the School. The division into Calvi, Junior, Middle and Senior Schools means that at each stage the needs of the children can be met so that pupils can continue to grow in self-confidence and independence.
Our watchword is that every individual child really matters, and to ensure this is the case there is a strong and supportive pastoral framework running through the school. Class teachers and form tutors take a close interest in their pupils’ pastoral welfare. They are supported in their roles by the Assistant Head, Lower School and Year Leaders who have broad responsibilities for the welfare of children in each year group, and by the Deputy Head, who has particular expertise in dealing with pupil welfare and child development issues.

Excellent Support

The School has its own fully trained counsellor, and two highly professional house matrons with extensive experience of working with young people provide on-site specialist skills. There are frequent training and refresher courses on pastoral issues for staff, and information sessions for both parents and pupils on aspects of pastoral care and pupil welfare.
There is a culture of openness and approachability throughout the school and parents are encouraged to contact the school if there is a concern about their child no matter how big or small. All staff are contactable directly by email and there is a strong feeling of teachers and parents working together to ensure pupils’ welfare.
In the Main School pupils are encouraged to reflect on pastoral issues and to understand how they can contribute to the well being of the school community. There are particular opportunities for discussion in weekly Circle Time, Positive Living and CaVE sessions, and the pupils’ School Council also discusses pastoral issues.

The Feltonfleet Way

All pupils in the school are encouraged to follow the simple set of aims which are published throughout the school, and referred to as ‘The Feltonfleet Way’:

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated
  • Forgive and forget
  • Share
  • Listen carefully
  • Be honest and truthful
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Be the best you can