Our Ethos

The 3 PLs

Our educational philosophy is represented by a C21 framework for school improvement and development which embraces a commitment to learning, living, and leading positively.

Positive Learning, Positive Living, and Positive Leading places our four school values – happiness, honesty, respect, and responsibility - at the heart of everything we do and the way we are as a community, now and in the future. The language of the 3 PL’s conveys a strong sense of optimism, enrichment, and togetherness.

In so doing our daily lives at Feltonfleet are seen through the interlinked aspects of Learning, Living, and Leading positively. It captures the ways in which the school has developed and progressed in recent times – our commitment to active learning, to collegiate style leadership at every level, and to a culture of well-being.

Positive Learning, Positive Living, and Positive Leading is the framework for how we are as a school now and in the future, and mirrors our unique identity. It successfully links every aspect of school life around a strong commitment to a consistent and coherent value oriented culture.

We base our academic ethos on:

Positive Learning.

We are always looking for ways to improve the delivery of a well-planned curriculum which provides many opportunities for positive learning inside and outside the classroom through engaging and creative teaching.

Positive Learning at Feltonfleet develops around teaching which is stimulating, enthusiastic and constantly challenging with pupils encouraged to achieve their best.

Our academic beliefs and values are such that we aim to help each child leave here at 13 having developed the following skills:

  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Self-belief and an appreciation of values
  • A positive attitude to learning