Common Entrance and Scholarships

Entry to Senior Schools

Pupils move on from Feltonfleet to a wide variety of senior schools, including local co-educational and single sex, day and boarding schools, as well as the major independent schools further afield. The Head, in consultation with staff, works closely with parents to ensure that the best choice of senior school is made to suit each individual child. Most children sit pre-tests for senior schools in Year 6 and Feltonfleet provides excellent support and preparation for these. In Year 6 most pupils are offered places for entry at 13+ and the vast majority of our pupils leave us at the end of Year 8 following successful Common Entrance exams.

Common Entrance provides a rigorous academic framework for learning for the 11 to 13 age range and it builds a solid foundation for success at GCSE and beyond. Children sit Common Entrance exams in English, Mathematics, Science, French, Geography, History, Religious Studies and either Latin or Spanish and our pupils enjoy tremendous success with these. In addition to the examined academic subjects pupils continue to benefit from a wide range of other subjects including Sport, Art, Music, Design and Technology, Digital Learning and an even wider range of co-curricular activities which can range from climbing to sign language.

Senior School Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarship suits a small number of very able and self- motivated pupils. The exams are much more challenging than Common Entrance and require a pupil to think outside the box and go into a lot more depth and analysis. A child has to be able to access Academic Scholarship across all academic disciplines. For the right child it can be a rewarding experience and at Feltonfleet we tailor a bespoke programme of study for a small number of children each year to support them in this.


Senior School Non-Academic Scholarships

The range of Scholarships varies from school to school and can include Sport, Music, Drama, Art, Dance, Design and Technology or a combination of any of these. Pupils applying for an award will be invited to the senior school for an assessment of their ability and performance in their chosen area. Senior schools set their own criteria for these scholarships and full details may be found on individual school web-sites. A written report from the Subject Leader at Feltonfleet along with words of endorsement from the Head accompany the application. Feltonfleet pupils have a wealth of talent and the number of 13+ scholarships achieved is impressive with 22 awards in 2015, 19 awards in 2016 and 21 awards in 2017.

Recent senior school scholarships won by Feltonfleet pupils can be found by clicking here.

During the Summer Term of Year 7, the Headmaster will write to parents of pupils who have been recommended to aim for a scholarship to their chosen senior school by Subject Leaders, and will outline the process.

Feltonfleet 11+ Scholarships

A number of internal Scholarships are available at the start of Year 7 and these can be for Academic, Music, Sport, Art, Dance, Drama or Design and Technology. The aims of our internal scholarship programme are to recognise outstanding potential and to encourage future achievements in Years 7 and 8. All award-holders will be expected to develop their talents to the full and to be outstanding role models during their upper two years here at Feltonfleet.