Sports and Activities


Sport at Feltonfleet

Sport is a very important feature of life at Feltonfleet and a very active Games department aims to provide the greatest possible opportunity for all pupils to develop skills and represent the school. In addition to curricular PE and organised sport, our pupils are encouraged to take a very active interest in extra-curricular activities to support physical learning and understanding. The Feltonfleet Sport aim is to ‘create better athletes…..for life’.


In Pre-Prep

In Nursery and Reception much of the learning programme is activity-based involving both inside and outside routines. The focus during these early years is
physical development and to ensure both gross and fine motor skills are learned, along with life skills such as effective communication and teamwork.
In Years 1 & 2, there are three PE lessons a week for all pupils taught by specialist staff. These take place on the Astroturf, indoors or in the swimming pool and are supported by a wide range of extra-curricular activities including ballet, tennis, chess, gardening, forest club, first aid, judo, art and knitting.


In the Prep School

The Lower School (Years 3 and 4) have two extended Games sessions a week, increasing to four sessions in the Middle School (Years 5 & 6) and Upper School (Years 7 & 8). One of these sessions is usually reserved for representative fixtures which may take place on a Saturday morning.

The sporting pathway at Feltonfleet is broken down into 4 mutually supporting phases. PREPARE (Nursery to Year 2), EDUCATE (Year 3 & 4), DEVELOP (Year 5 & 6) and DELIVER (Year 7 & 8). This framework requires a holistic approach from coaches and staff and ensures that each individual receives an appropriate level of challenge.

The programme of major sports has been reviewed in order to align better with physiological demands and reflect the change in popularity for particular sports. As of September 2017 both girls and boys play hockey, cricket and football. In addition, girls play netball and boys play rugby.

In recent years, the school has had great success at 7s rugby (a choice for Year 7 & 8), and other games widely available at the school include tennis, shooting, skiing, swimming, athletics, cross-country and golf. The school has its own shooting range and a strong reputation in the sport, winning five national titles in 2017.


Clubs and Activities

A wide variety of clubs and activities designed to extend and enrich the core curriculum are available to all pupils in the Prep School. Where possible the children are able to choose on a termly basis which activities they take part in.

Recently offered activities and clubs have included archery, art, athletics, ballet, basketball, brass ensemble, Chelsea Football Club soccer coaching, chess, senior choir, jazz dance, junior choir, cookery, current affairs, drama, design, environment, cricket, fencing, gardening, golf, Greek, judo, gymnastics and digital learning.