Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life of the School

The life of the school is founded upon Christian beliefs and practice; both through example and the experience it offers to its pupils. It is also welcoming of those of other faiths and those with no faith at all.
At Feltonfleet ‘individuals really do matter’ and this helps us to realise that by nurturing the potential of each individual within a sharing and supportive community, pupils are able to discern their God given gifts and grow in self-confidence, independence and compassion.
Spiritual development is a journey each individual takes in a search for self-understanding and part of our aim is to provide opportunities for pupils to explore questions such as: Who am I? How do I relate to others? And how do I relate to the world? As such it is concerned with experiences that evoke awe, wonder, mystery and otherness as well as with the values that indicate our priorities and influence our actions.

Our philosophy of the 3PLs (Positive Living, Positive Learning and Positive Leading) fosters the realisation that our values must be alive and visible in the way we live day by day, and that our moral, spiritual and intellectual growth is centred on our relationships with each other and by living in community.
At Feltonfleet the promotion of pupils’ spiritual development is considered a whole school issue and pervades all areas, activities and aspects of the school’s life and work.