Prep Curriculum (age 7-13)

Juniors - Years 3 and 4

In Years 3 and 4 the children are taught by their class teacher for Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Drama, Positive Living, and Religious Studies. The children are taught by specialist teachers in the relevant subject areas of the school for French, Digital Learning, Design Technology, Music, PE and Art. Setting in English and Maths begins in Year 3. French is taught in sets in Year 4. PE and Games take place three times a week, with matches on Thursday afternoons and some Saturday mornings.

Middle School - Years 5 and 6

In Years 5 and 6 teaching is by subject specialists in all subjects. Latin is introduced in Year 5, and Spanish can be an option in Year 6. There is additional Maths and English for those who would benefit from it; the Assistant Head, Teaching and Learning, will discuss this possibility with the parents of those children for whom this is considered a sensible route. Setting is now extended to include French and Science. 11+ exam preparation in Maths and English is structured to coincide with entry exams for those schools which test at eleven. Creativity and Values Education, Art, Latin, Design Technology, Drama, English, Geography, History, Digital Learning, Maths, French, Music, PE, Positive Living, Science and for some, Spanish, make up the taught curriculum. Games take place on three afternoons, with matches on Wednesday afternoons, and some Saturday mornings. A varied clubs programme takes place on Thursday afternoons.

Upper School - Years 7 and 8

Specialist teaching takes place in all the subject areas, continuing from Year 6 and building to Common Entrance (CE) and Scholarship examinations. Additional Maths and English will be taught to those children for whom Latin or Spanish might be unsuitable. Games take place on three afternoons, and Wednesday and Saturday matches are a regular feature. Clubs take place on Thursday afternoons. Some children will be prepared for public school scholarship entry exams from the start of Year 7 when a streamed class is introduced for the majority of subjects. However, the majority work towards Common Entrance which is taken in June of Year 8.