Bugsy Malone Performance - Music, costumes and splurge!

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Posted on: November 29th 2017

Year 5’s spectacular Bugsy Malone wows audiences.

Last week, we were treated to the fantastic Bugsy Malone, this year’s Year 5 production. 

With spectacular costumes and scenery, energetic music and singing, brilliant accents and learning of lines, we were transformed to Fat Sam’s speakeasy for this fun, splurge-filled production that had us all marvelling at the children’s musical mastery, comic timing and exuberant confidence.

Director of Music, Mr Chris Andrews and Director of Drama, Mr David Swann led an excellent creative team, which embodied Feltonfleet’s community ethos, with choreography by Year 8 pupils, sets created by the Art Department, the show band formed of pupils and teachers, lighting and sound expertly provided by Year 8 Drama Scholars and Prefects and a back stage crew including pupils, parents and staff. 

Mr Alastair Morrison, Headmaster commented,

“The boys and girls of Year 5 created a remarkable production. We were all left in awe at their creative brilliance. Even the frightening amounts of splurge can be forgiven after such riotously fun, yet ‘professional’ entertainment. Another roaring success for Feltonfleet Drama”.

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